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Meet Rachel

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Hi I’m Rachel, a registered clinical nutritionist.

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Together we’ll work to support any dietary and lifestyle modifications needed. Having an insight to the daily challenges we face; the journey of balancing work and life is ongoing. I have special interests in sports nutrition, family health, women’s health and supporting those with a diagnosed condition. I'm the nutrition coach for Go Run Girls an online coaching business.


When I’m not working and being a mum to my gorgeous two children, you'll find me out on the trails having an adventure either hiking, running or mountain biking or doing strength training and yoga. 

Being a member of the Clinical Nutrition Association, if your medical insurance policy has nutrition included you may be able to claim back some of your costs. 


Adv. dip Nutrition

Cert Anatomy & Physiology

Dip. Business

Recent courses

Menopause for Athletes



Clinical Nutrition Association, Accredited Member and Committee Member

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