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    Sustainable changes for long-term health & wellbeing!

    Meet Rachel James

    Hi I’m Rachel, a registered clinical nutritionist.

    I’m passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. Together we’ll work to support any dietary and lifestyle modifications needed. Having an insight to the daily challenges we face; the journey of balancing work and life is ongoing. I have special interests in family health, women’s health, weight loss and supporting those with a diagnosed condition.

    When I’m not working and being a mum, my interests are mountain biking, running and yoga.

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    I'm a qualified clinical nutritionist whose philosophy is about having a wholefood diet and keeping food as close to it's natural form. At various times throughout the year our nutritional requirements change , this could be the availability of food, athletic goals, illness or allergies and our age and stage in life. 

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    Why see a Nutritionist?

    Women's Health

    During your cycle do you have pain, heavy bleeding, low energy, mood swings or just don’t feel like yourself? Today, women are getting their periods earlier and living longer than our ancestors, while trying to balance the demands of everyday life. Therefore, we need to support homeostasis by ensuring we are getting the right nutrients. A nutritionist can support you to alleviate these symptoms by working with you to manage your diet and lifestyle from menarche, pregnancy and menopause. Click here to make an appointment.


    Do you wake up tired and feeling like you haven’t slept? Do you lack energy to get through the day? Do you get the dreaded 3.30itis? If you answered yes to any of these questions let’s have a conversation to assess your diet and lifestyle choices and work together to improve your energy to obtain the lifestyle you deserve. Click here to make an appointment

    Weight Loss

    I offer a coaching program that provides a holistic approach to weight loss. Together, we’ll look at the roles of gut health, stress, sleep and exercise while coaching you through the strategies needed to change behaviour and educating on how to approach a wholefoods diet.  To kick start these changes we’ll choose either a low carb or low-fat dietary option based on an individual assessment of needs. Click here to discuss the weight loss program.

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