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  • Rachel James

Did you know every year in NZ over 100,000 tonnes of perfectly good food is wasted?

In dollar terms this is an estimated value of $1520 per household per year. The top 3 foods that are wasted are Bread, leftovers and fruit & vegetables.

My tip to reduce wasting these foods;

Bread, keep in the fridge. If bread goes stale make croutons or bread crumbs and store in an air tight container. Use your croutons to top salads and soups. Plan for the following week crumbed fish or chicken.

Leftovers, I’m a big fan of using leftovers for lunch or alternatively you have dinner ready to go for the next night.

Fruits & vegetables, there is so much you can do with fruit and veges. Slice or dice then freeze for use at a later date. Keep stalks, ends, peel and boil up with herbs for a tasty stock that can be used in stews, soups or to cook grains. Make a frittata to use up your veges. With your fruit you can make up smoothie mixes or a fruit crumble.

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